Friday, June 10, 2011

Indomie Special Recipe

Ingredients :

* Indomie rasa Kari Ayam
* Corned Beef
* Egg
* Onion
* Sausage beef
* Butter
* Cayenne pepper

Step 1 :
●First, boil two glasses of water in a pan.
● Then, open the package of Indomie fried noodles.
● While waiting for the water to boil, pour the seasoning: chili sauce, soya sauce and oil into a bowl.
● After the water is boiled, drain the noodles.
● Next, throw away the water.
● Then, pour the noodles into the bowl.
● After that, mix the noodles with the seasoning, sauce, and the other ingredients.
● Now, your noodles are ready.

Step 2 :
1. Pour 2 tablespoons butter into hot skillet
2. Pour onion that have been sliced and  egg that have been shaked
3. Insert corned into it as much as you like, following that sliced ​​sausage along with the cayenne pepper that has been sliced​​, stir it flat, cultivated the fire is not too large.
4. Mix it with Step 1

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