Friday, June 10, 2011

Apricot Salad

2 small or 1 large box of apricot jello
1 large jar apricot baby food (8-10 oz)
1 can crushed pineapple -- (16 oz) drained
(retain juice!)

1 pkg cream cheese -- (8 oz)
1 pkg dreamwhip (1 envelope)

3/4 c sugar
1 Tbsp flour (heaping)
1 egg
1 Tbsp butter
1 c pineapple juice (add water to juice
retained to make a full cup)

Step 1: Mix jello with only 3 1/2 cups of water. Add baby food and
pineapple. Chill until FIRM in an 11x14 inch pan.
Step 2: Prepare dream whip as directed. Beat in cream cheese. Spread
on jello and chill until FIRM.
Step 3: Combine and cook until thick. Cool. Spread on top and chill.

***pineapple in own juice works the best!

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